Donovan Whyte

Donovan Whyte has worked with global brands, such as, Prada, Sony, Nike, Adidas and BMW. Whyte’s various artistic talents have allowed him to work successfully in Fashion Direction, Artist & Brand Development, as well as Lifestyle & Event Curation.

Whyte’s work can be seen in everything from print magazines to billboards, and films to commercials, including; a 3D commercial for Sony US, and Foot Locker, Applebee’s, and Nike commercials. Whyte’s work has also been published in Elle Man, Men’s Health, Esquire, L’Officiel Hommes, Chloe, and Sharp Magazine, just to name a few. 

All of this highlights Whyte’s expansive career as a stylist, which he began after several years working as a management professional in the retail fashion industry. His current focus is on developing more digital and social media content, in addition to continuing to build his fashion direction portfolio. 

Donovan Whyte is currently the Highest International Senior Sales Supervisor at The Webster Toronto. 

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