Donovan Whyte


J Logan Horne—celebrity stylist and fashion collector. For his self-described line of shirts & “sustainable home couture,” the Palm Beach resident employs local seamstresses and builders to craft home items from repurposed vintage designer goods, including his signature oversized Block (that serve as side tables, ottomans, or extra seating), accent pillows, and tissue boxes. Block ottomans available at The Webster, shirts coming soon!!!!


No store left a bigger, darker hole in the American #luxury landscape than Barneys New York, which closed its doors in February 2020 after bankruptcy and a gut-wrenching liquidation. Now, a crop of upstarts and a few savvy incumbents are betting that the hunger for a great place to shop in person, across brands, is back, and they’re using a mix of old-school customer service and new selling models to once again bring pleasure to shopping. Read the full article by BoF’s @lapresmidi. 

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